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To establish a Joint Venture facility to develop and manufacture Organic Plant Nutrients & other Multi-purpose products.

Prathista is open to establish R&D cum Manufacturing units based on fermentation (Bio-technology) process under Private-Public Partnership program or as Joint Venture. The unique feature of the Prathista’s Fermentation Technology is that the proposed Joint Venture can manufacture Multiple products to cater the needs of various segments as under:-

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Veterinary Feed Additives
  • Poultry Feed Additives
  • Agricultural Sector for production of Organic Plant Nutrients / Fertilizers


    In this regard, we wish to submit for consideration of allotment of Industrial / Government land of about 70 acres along with 70000 SFT covered area for the proposed Joint Venture (JV).

    In order to set up a Fermentation based plant we require to have significant capital investments and we can consider to set up a small scale unit with 10000 liters capacity fermentation facilities with 5-6 fermentors, which ultimately enhance capacity to 30000 liters fermentation plant with minimum 10 fermentors.

    Kindly note that the proposed Bio-Technology Project Capital Outlay will be approximately $70 Million (US) and we require minimum 60 acres land and the Project implementation duration will be minimum Two and half years from the date of signing the JV agreement. This activity can be taken up in Phased manner.

    The total Plant & Machinery and Technology will be supplied from India, as all critical equipments are tailor-make items.

    As the Project implementation duration is around Two and half years, we propose to develop / market our products during these two years period by exporting the products from India, so that market will be ready by the time the project is implemented for its commercial production.

    We also like to seek some investment from local Government agencies as Equity, in the form of financial assistance of about 50 % of cost of the Project and request them to facilitate buying back of part of capacity by the Government to distribute products through their State marketing channels.

    Kindly note that the proposed project is Zero Pollution Unit & 100 % Eco-Friendly and no harmful chemicals will be utilized in the manufacturing process. The process is based on Fermentation and the main Technology is based on Bacteria (Strain).

    The novelty of technology is that the basic raw material is Sucrose / Glucose/ Sugarcane Juice or Milk whay liquid (by product from Milk Cheese manufacturing units, which is waste for them), which may be sourced from any Sugar Industry or Glucose can be manufactured for in-house consumption, based on Maize / Tapioca Starch. Therefore, this Project is totally Technology Driven and based on agriculture produce as basic raw material.

    Since the proposed project is based on Agriculture produce, the Project must attract certain incentives like subsidy on capital investment, Income Tax incentives and subsidizes for 15 years, Subsidized Taxes on finished products & power subsidy etc., from the Government.

    The proposed project will have employment potential of 120 Skilled / semi skilled manpower & 85 % from locals.